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Public Image Ltd. “Flowers of Romance”

In Art Consortium on October 26, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Follow this closely, for it is beautiful.

Now in the summer
I could be happy or in distress

Depending on the company
On the veranda

Talk of the future or reminisce
Behind the dialogue
We’re in a mess

Whatever I intended
I sent you flowers
You wanted chocolates instead

The flowers of romance
The flowers of romance

I’ve got binoculars
On top of boxhill

I could be Nero
Fly the eagle and start all over again

I can’t depend on these so called friends
It’s a pity you need to defend

I’ll take the furniture and start all over again


Punk is Dead, but Leather Lives On

In Teleportation on October 18, 2009 at 4:38 pm

Look at these guys….

…they knew how to make it work.

The concept of cool will forever be embossed in the skin of a leather jacket that makes even the straightest-edge vegan kids squirm with wanton sin. Last night’s metal mayhem at Aragon Ballroom proved it so. While there was an undesirable amount of pimple-faced, middle-hair-part Hot Topic concertgoers, and NO RE-ENTRY (?!), it was still a pretty sweet show. Onion scribe David Wolinsky writes all about the Converge, Mastodon and Dethklok show on SPIN, accompanied by my photography. Czech it, kids.


Here were some of the cow skin toting babes…