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Rule of Three Also Applies to Indie Bands…kind of

In Art Consortium on November 16, 2009 at 12:32 pm

This season’s third episode of 30 Rock references the summer’s “Rule of 3” death warrant on some of our very celebrated celebrities (MJ, Farrah and Golden Girl Bea Arthur). Too soon? Never.

The episode even features an adorable/scary Betty White cameo! Click on the wee NBC bikinis below for the vid.


So apparently, the indie community is having its own threefold scare this month after the tragic fall down a Williamsburg elevator shaft of Jeremy Fuchs, who had drummed for bands such as The Juan MacLean, !!! and Maserati.

The little internet elves over at Pitchfork dug up a ton of info over the weekend. Grizzly bear got into a bus accident last week (worry not, everyone is all right) and had to cancel a show with Wilco in Milan (which is okay…they’re better off spending less time around Wilco dorks anyway). Dan Deacon had to cancel the rest of his tour dates this year due to hospitalization for an acute case of sciatica.

Hang in there everybody! Ed Droste, you’re too pretty to go yet.

In the meantime, please treat yourselves to the amazing original of “Colorado” by Aussie band Pivot, which Grizzly Bear covered.