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Back Catalog: All Tomorrow’s Parties 2008

In Art Consortium on February 23, 2009 at 2:34 pm

ATP 2008 in New York’s Catskill Mountains was one of the most venerable truths of my concert-going lifetime. Which is why ATP New York 2009 is a must-see for noise lovers and music lovers alike (who should, arguably, be more than alike).


Here’s my SPIN preview on last year’s My Bloody Valentine reunion, and below is the introduction to my long-form coverage on the entire magnificent experience for Yahoo! Music’s Maximum Performance blog.

One glance at Kutshers Country Club and, as ATP founder Barry Hogan said, you definitely felt like you were in a “cross between The Shining and Cocoon.” Wall-to-wall windows lined labyrinthine hallways, giving a creeping sense of voyeurism to the place rather than that pastoral, in-the-woods breath of air you would expect from getting out of the city. Located in Monticello in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains, the sold-out festival would host three days of shoegaze, post-punk, and most importantly, My Bloody Valentine’s first show in the United States in 16 years…

Read the full (nearly 2,000 word) article here.