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You Can Use This Interview: Emails with David Horvitz

In Art Consortium on October 12, 2009 at 12:40 pm

“A small distraction interrupting you from your everyday routine.”


This is simultaneously the art and mission statement behind Brooklyn-based photographer and conceptual artist David Horvitz, who stamps the phrase on a dollar bill every chance he gets and places it back into circulation. He wants you to do the same.

Coming from The Smell Generation—a collective of D.I.Y. artists associated with the notorious independent Los Angeles venue “The Smell”—Horvitz has long collaborated and photographed within the concert scene, touring with indie band Xiu Xiu multiple times and directing music videos for bands High Places and B.A.R.R.

But perhaps what is most intriguing about Horvitz is his guerrilla-travel approach to art making, via an online “shop.” Donate anywhere between the price of a postage stamp and airfare, and he will mail you a snapshot of the sky, or document traveling to the farthest point on the map from his location.

TK: You mentioned earlier that you have been driving through Europe, making your way to Holland. Is this a “Things for sale I will mail you” project?

DH: I am traveling from Groningen, Holland to the furthest western point, which is in Portugal. It’s for a show in Groningen, commissioned by a German collector. I wouldn’t really say it’s part of that webpage, but it stems out of it. I am driving to Portugal, going to take a photograph, and then print it and hang it in the show. I’ll probably write a text about the trip too, and maybe bring a bottle of Port back for people to drink!

TK: Every day in 2008 you took a photograph of the sky–there is something beautiful and simplistic about the repetition. However, did you ever find yourself looking for something in the sky?

DH: I wasn’t looking for something. It was a simple act of redirecting your attention to an everyday kind of thing—something that is always there regardless of whether you look at it or not.

TK: What is the mischief and subversion in your work related to? Is it perhaps a little bit of a punk aesthetic or association? Or are they little battles we create to overcome?

DH: Yes, I think it has a little punk to it. But punk isn’t just about causing trouble. There is a trickster element in some of the things I do—and I think it comes out of wanting to disturb and rupture logic.

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