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PHOTOMATON #4: Large format camera, Sullivan & Palmer House

In Photomaton on September 20, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Photomaton started out as a weekly assembly of three images in my admiration. This time I give you a photo of a 4″x5″ negative captured with a large format camera today…taken on my Blackberry…through a window.

That’s a fellow picture maker who is also photographing me in Grant Park. Look at that gorgeous Sullivan terracotta straight ahead, and the Palmer House Hilton Hotel all the way to the right of the negative.

You can follow my Photomaton Tumblr to see weekly posts of photographic output.


PHOTOMATON #3: Man Ray & I; Chicago Zine Fest Preview

In Photomaton on March 8, 2010 at 8:34 pm

Truthisms is back after a three-month hiatus, and so is one of its very first offerings–the Photomaton, which started out as a weekly assembly of three images in my admiration.

Here I tweak the idea a bit to serve a new purpose (boredom + officeware), taking inspiration from Man Ray‘s infamous photograms (or, as he called them, rayographs).

These images are only a sampling of my shiny new zine entitled Elephanty, which will be exhibited and sold at the Chicago Zine Fest this Saturday, March 13, at the Columbia College of Chicago. We will be sharing half a table with the Mr. Daniel Majid, founder and editor of The Logan Square Literary Review. There may also be a mild form of whimsical entertainment, so do drop by if you like what you see here.

I look forward to blogging you again, lovely readers!

PHOTOMATON #2: Tsiolis_TK_Mapplethorpe

In Photomaton on March 2, 2009 at 7:08 pm

Ain’t nothing like staying in with homemade graffiti and microwaved falafel during a blizzard. Here is my second offering of the Photomaton series: a bit more risque I admit, but I recently watched the Mapplethorpe documentary Dirty Pictures and I didn’t want to hold back.


PHOTOMATON #1: Strand_Falls_Feininger

In Photomaton on February 24, 2009 at 4:11 am

Welcome to PHOTOMATON, a weekly assembly of three images I’ve been staring at for so long they have developed an affinity for each other in the fictional truthspace of my mind. This week we feature photographers Paul Strand, Sam Falls, and Andreas Feininger.


You can think of it as pictures taking pictures, if you’d like. I’m from Brooklyn and we have photo booths everywhere. In our bars, our dance clubs and then on our refrigerators and vanity mirrors. The past few weeks of pseudo-celebratory weather led me to them almost as frequently as my first New York summer did, and so I researched the history of the photomaton and was led to this gorgeously examined post which includes videos, photos, and the first photo booth invented in 1926 which was placed in Times Square, New York.

Hope you enjoyed that, folks.

Oh, and “Lisa Frank called. She wants her pony back.” – ShannonShannon